Lost Pleasures

Lost Pleasures

filmmaking, production, creative direction

A collection of weekly short films to inspire overloaded and busy humans to embrace idleness and reconnect with the simple pleasures of life.

52 Lost Pleasures put into a series of 1-5 minutes short films.

One for every week of the year.

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In the journey to becoming superhuman, we chose more instead of less. We attend to shiny new tools that promise to make us smarter, more effective, and to influence more people than we could ever have done on our own. We push aside anything that doesn’t seem to give us an algorithmic edge, a financial return or any other productivity metric of our choice. We became scared of our thoughts, stuck in our egos and afraid to let go. Anxiety, constant distraction and negative feedback loops ruminating over our imperfections are the normal modes of Being.

screenshot from "Sitting on a public bench"
screenshot from "Dreaming"

We can choose how to spend our time in a variety of ways. But only a few of these choices have the power to transform our lives. The way we pay attention to the world alters who we are. We rarely pause in silence or solitude to reflect on the things that truly bring us joy. Idleness has become a form of treason to modern society.

Inspired by the "Book of Idle Pleasures" by Tom Hodgkinson
screenshot from "Melancholy"

We need to take ourselves somewhere quieter, better, more spacious and with a window to transcendence. Lost pleasures series are these places - where we come to realize that the best moments in life are simple and free with an invitation to idleness.

It is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes makes its way to the surface
Virginia Woolf

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You can watch the series here: www.idlefilms.tv

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